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Kron is a blockchain and platform optimized for transferring assets, such as tokens, from one holder to another. It is open to use in any jurisdiction, while allowing simple additional functions for users according to their needs.

The first to issue a token with a first name is the owner of that token. The issuer of a token burns Kron and must provide a unique token name. The issuer determines the amount issued, the number of decimal places and whether they will be allowed to issue more of the same token in the future.

kr10: Main Token, (Most common)
kr12: Subtoken (Backed by kr10)
kr5: Token NFT (Backed by kr10)
kr17: Special qualified Asset
kr18: Subaasset qualified (backed by kr17)
kr23: Special restricted cryptoasset (avoid money laundering)

Administrative token type kr117, It is never shown in the wallet since it is an internal token that enables the management of the assets created, that token is recognized because it has the symbol (!) at the end of the name and this token is transferable to any other person to whom it is desired to delegate the rights to assets created.

To create a Cryptoasset (token), download the KRON’s core wallet. Latest version is most safe and reliable as it synchronizes with the KRON network servers. When used, the core wallet creates an identical backup of the blockchain on your local machine. Note: The mobile version of the KRON wallet does not allow creating tokens.

Wallet (Windows)

Tokenize the real world

Kron allows you to create and represent real world assets


Physical assets

Gold, silver coins, diamonds, land deeds, oil, credits, etc.


Project assets

Value tokens, corporate bonds, company shares, financed item, etc.


Virtual goods

Tickets for events, licenses, access to services, coins and elements of a game, etc.


Credit representation

Gift cards, airline miles, reward points, etc.


Unique assets (NFT)

Art pictures, vehicles, goods, etc.


Fiat money function

Implementation of qualified and restrictive assets (prevention of money laundering)

Kron Team Developer

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