HAM: The New Digital Token


A new cryptocurrency project has been started in September 2020 with the purpose of a creating a digital token aimed at the Amateur Radio (HAM) community worldwide. The HAM token is based on the BitcoinCash(N) SLP technology. The HAM digital token can be used for many purposes, such as for an appreciation, savings and utility. A use-case specifically for radio amateurs: Usage of the HAM token as an utility for a QSL-Direct transaction or funding DX-Peditions without the costs of brokers, are two of the many ways of using the HAM token.

The uses of this highly versatile HAM token are virtually unlimited.

While it has been just a 6 months ago since the HAM SLP token has become available, over 1387 active members in the Telegram HAM community channels have joined meanwhile and new users are welcomed on a daily basis.

Today’s count shows over 6,367 active SLP wallets holding HAM / WRS tokens and 24,619+ block-chain transactions took place.

The WRS is the reward token for HAM holders.


One important aspect to mention is the fact that there are no extra costs for a HAM token transaction other than a BCH gas fee of a handful of Satoshi’s (about 0.000003 BCH). This for the usage of the underlying block chain to announce and lock the token transactions. The cost of a single transaction is less than one or a few cents USD.

The insanely high broker transaction fees for ordering a QSL card direct or any other reason for a transaction would be a thing of the past when the HAM token is used as an utility. The price of HAM or WRS tokens itself depends on availability and demand on the various exchanges.


It is pretty straight forward on how-to start using the HAM token. To start, the usage of a mobile phone (or a windows computer) and a SLP- token-enabled personal wallet and Telegram app are required. An explanation of how to find, install and use the wallet app and how to claim HAM tokens can be found in “Pinned messages” in HAM Telegram app channels. Note: We have a Faucet channel available for the early adopters dispensing some free HAM tokens, so be quick to fetch some while they are still available! Access to the Telegram chat application is very easy, in two simple steps:

1. Install the ‘Telegram Messenger’ application onto your mobile device. The app is available on many OS’s such as Windows, iOS and Android which can be found in the Google Play Store, Apple Store and Microsoft Store. Telegram chat app is also available for the Windows 10 platform. In the Google search bar enter https://t.me/HAM_Token_Chatand https://t.me/HAM_Faucet. When the internet page opens, the download link for Telegram application is listed and can be installed from there.

2. Once the Telegram application is installed, open the app. In the search bar type “@HAM_Chat” and “@HAM_Token_Faucet” and add the two channels to the contacts list.
For the applicable private wallets and other HAM channels, take a look in the pinned messages in the HAM Chat channel.

Note: In order to get accepted in the Telegram Ham channels, do not forget to use the Captcha bar button to prove that you are human and not a scam bot!


The Telegram channels for HAM & WRS can be easily recognized by their unique logos. On top of the Telegram channels are “Pinned messages” listed. These messages explain further details about the use of the private wallets to store your HAM token. Explanations and internet links about SLP tokens (the technique used) and other related topics are listed as well.

“Service messages” are on a regular basis send in all HAM / WRS channels with the most recent additional information about the HAM project, including a LinkTree url and other links etc.
Please note: Claiming some free HAM tokens only occurs within the ‘HAM Faucet’ channel. Request some free HAM tokens from our tipping bots only in this specific channel.
Kron based HAM tokens can be claimed from this faucet: HAM FAUCET


New joiners, that mention their amateur radio callsign in particular, or just participate in the Telegram HAM chat channel, will get their first set free-of-charge amount of HAM & WRS tokens assigned. This should enable participants to start using the HAM and WRS tokens. The HAM & WRS tokens can be purchased on the following SLP exchanges:

CCTip app:


Memo.cash exchange:


Anycoin.cash exchange:


The HAM token ID is : < 6ef92fa35cf791a6ae26fab62c16a9a9780c7520fd2366e2125b17bb8e968d7f >

The WRS token ID is : < b4ab2f6b036080e5a56398a9d7585c05e0c60fc6e09e64329f811ee8310d5c1e >



The primary goal of the @HAM_Token_Chat channel is exchange of information amongst members. Of course any generic information or HAM related information can be shared, as well as QSO schedules etc. There are several dedicated bots online to moderate postings, send informative messages, prevent spam bots from entering the HAM channels and provide further assistance when required. We have an awesome team of Admins too, willing to help users to use the HAM / WRS tokens safely and provide general guidance. Please note that the HAM TG channels are bot free to the maximum possible extend, which is unique.



In May 2021, the decision has been made by the HAM Foundation board to join the KRON blockchain. With the HAM & WRS tokens being present on multiple chains creates an even wider exposure to the various crypto-minded communities worldwide.

KRON blockchain initially aims for the South American communities and we felt the need to get more exposure of our tokens in these geographical areas.

Both the HAM & WRS tokens were successfully minted on KRON blockchain on the 13th of May 2021.

We as HAM Foundation recognize the early days of the KRON blockchain and are looking forward to further KRON developments to be delivered.

Both HAM & WRS tokens will be inter-exchangeable between the SLP and Kron blockchains, up to the 31st of December 2021 (Starting May 2021).

On 04-09-2021, the HAM and WRS tokens were created on the SmartBCH side-chain, the 3rd blockchain for our tokens! The assigned swap pools on the BenSwap DEX were arranged on 07-09-2021 with a lightning fast listing of both our HAM & WRS tokens. The BenSwap DEX has a footprint with users world-wide with a focus the on eastern part of the globe, which was to a large extend missing on the other blockchain exchanges.

SmartBCH HAM token contract ID: 0x252fd94f3Fb53D3D62F4FEc708501ACd59A57e52

SmartBCH WRS token contract ID: 0x445B3712A09f8102Dd0c1ffb6B3b0dE4D3B643b7


Recent developments were executed for presence of HAM & WRS tokens on the eCash blockchain (ex BCHA). Further details regarding the deployment will be announced soon in the TG HAM channels and social media. With the HAM & WRS tokens being present on multiple chains creates an even wider exposure to the various crypto-minded communities worldwide.



Cryptocurrency is fast becoming a very powerful contender to traditional monetary systems. In addition to the ease of use and anonymity, SLP tokens such as HAM are very secure, easily traded and exponentially gaining in value the more they are used and traded. Investing now in HAM is an excellent opportunity for financial security and freedom from exorbitant bank charges and transaction fees, for now and the future. Join the HAM community now, and be part of a revolutionary movement in financial alternatives tailored to open-minded and out-of-the-box thinking individuals such as you and me!

Any questions? Please ask in the Telegram’s channel: >

The HAM Linktree QR code. Contains links to:
Various SLP exchanges,
Telegram channels,
KRON urls / Wallets / Blockchain explorer
and HAM 📡 & WRS 📶 token logo's.
All in one place at your HAM convenience!

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